• Balancing Stick
  • Break the mold

    Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
    ~Steve Jobs

    Greg Mason at Google
  • Seek out adventure

    Be bold and seek a life of adventure. Do something that challenges you daily.

    Rafting in Bali
  • It’s time for change

    Everyday you wake up doing the same thing. Dare to do something different. Think differently and you will see the world around you change.

    Greg Mason in Bali
  • How to be Happy

    Do you seek a better life? A life filled with Adventure and Knowledge, a life filled with mystery and excitement?


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Follow my journey as I get in shape and shift paradigms and show others how to lose the fat and get in shape.

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Learn the newest tips and tricks to hacking life and getting the most from your day and from your life.

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The best pain relief cream

The best pain relief cream I feel like I might be a...

14th Sep

10 places to see before they’re gone

31st Aug

Climbing Mount Rainier

22nd Aug

Yoga on the rocks

There’s nothing like doing some yoga on the rocks. During my recent...

22nd Aug

Don’t mix these types of foods

Opt for a Alkaline rich diet. What exactly will this entail? It's pretty simple really. Read more to find out what foods mix well together.

21st Dec

Ultimate Base jumping fail

Video footage of a vimeo user base jumping and failing. The video is complete with slow motion Go Pro video and different angles.

07th Dec
Picture of a basejumper

Yoga on the Rocks Open house

Yoga on the Rocks had an open house on November 2, 2013,...

06th Dec
yogaontherocks-greg mason teaching yoga

Shroom Tech by ONNIT Labs Review

  These pills are worth using ¬†ShroomTech by ONNIT Labs ShroomTech gives...

12th Sep

Will anyone make a better protein mix?

ON Protein Pro Complex I don’t get excited about protein shakes or...

09th Aug

How far can you go with a red paper clip?

Red Paper Clips are for offices, not this one. This post is...

23rd Jun
Picture of a Red Paper Clip