About Greg Mason


Greg Mason Performing a headstand demonstration.

Greg Mason suffered chronic back pain for years, and tried every potential solution from expensive pain killers to painful steroid shots. After all other forms of physical and chemical therapy had failed, Greg discovered Yoga. Yoga not only alleviated the pain he believed would plague him the rest of his life, it taught him to be flexible in both his body and his mind. This new found freedom gave him the work-life balance he had always craved. Greg pursued his advanced Yoga training at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. Nosara is one of the premier Yoga institutes in the world, and Greg’s instruction came directly from Institute founders Don and Amba Stapleton. Greg’s training in Nosara Vinyasa and Nosara Therapeutics is an innovative approach to yogic inquiry as a way to facilitate profound contact with your own source of internal guidance. He combines heat generating Vinyasa flows, inspiring and encouraging messages, breathing and meditation exercises and thoughtfully-arranged therapeutic asana sequences. Greg also practices Pranassageā„¢, a hands-on approach using partner-assisted posture flows that induce effortless awareness and accelerate the flow of Prana (life force energy). Greg Mason is a certified 200HR RYT Yoga Alliance instructor.



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