Grand Mesa Colorado and Moab Utah

On November 4, 2014 by Greg M

Four States in Four days and a whole lot of gratitude

Well I’m pretty sure that today is going the best that it can. I don’t know how I have become so connected to the universe and how it delivers me such miracles, but it does and all I can do is continuously express gratitude. 2 weeks ago some one backed into my car with a big truck. It happened right after guided meditation. I was zen’d out for sure, but when the experience happened, it all went out the window. I was pissed. I knew everything would be fine but the thing that made me so mad was I was about to put my car up for sale. The damage was merely cosmetic but I knew I would need a new hood. The guy who hit me admitted fault and I went through his insurance company. They gave me a rental car and I sent my car to the shop. I was on the fence about taking my car on a road trip because I didn’t want to put the miles on it right before selling it. Then the rental came into my life and bam! I was on the road. I drove through NM, and into Colorado where I met up with a long time friend from High School, and I stayed in a nice little rustic Log Cabin on the top of the Grand Mesa called Grand Mesa Lodge. It was spectacular! I stayed a few days and did some hiking and went to the Orvis Hot Springs. I left Co, and traveled to Moab, Utah and did some scenic driving (La Sal Mountain Loop Road) and hiking (Negro Bill Canyon Trail). I picked up my Scion from the shop today to find out that they replaced the front bumper and hood and color matched the paint to be perfect. Basically my car looks brand new. I was concerned the shop would report it to Carfax. I asked them how that worked and she said we don’t report to carfax. I gave her a high five and was on my way. I basically was given a new car for free, and the ability to drive a long road trip and just pay for food and gas. With all that humans claim to know about science and finances, economics and humanitarian work, why does the majority of the world still not get it? Express unconditional gratitude for everything you have and want to enter your life and it will appear. Abundance, love, friendship, health, you name it and it will come. Just be prepared because it doesn’t always show up the way you think it will. It rarely ever does.

 Moab Trails Traveled

Negro Bill Canyon Trail

Directions to get to the trail head.

Length of Hike
2 miles to Morning Glory Bridge; allow 4 hours round trip.
Type of Hike: Constructed trail with several stream crossings. This is a hiking-only trail.

Area Attractions
Year-round stream in scenic canyon. Morning Glory Natural Bridge, which has a span of 243 feet, is the sixth longest natural rock span in the United States.

Trail head Location
On Utah Scenic Byway 128, three miles east of junction with U.S. 191.

Route Description
From the parking area next to Utah 128, follow the trail up the left side of the stream. Keep going upstream for about 1.5 miles.




Four Corners New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Arizona


Grand Mesa Junction




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