These email management life tips could save you time and money.

Email can be the golden handcuffs in today’s day and age. First off, this post is not going to tell you how to hack your girlfriend’s email to see if she is talking to other guys, or help you hack Google’s Gmail. This post will tell you how to hack your email and start taking control of your life. Let’s keep it simple and stay on the same page. The principles I will talk about can be applied to multiple email programs and are best practices for all email users.

Getting your email inbox down to zero

I want you to get your inbox down to zero. Not possible you say? It is. Here’s how.

  1. Create a Folder and call it Archives.
  2. Select your entire inbox and move it into this folder. This may take a few seconds depending on how big your inbox is. Now you’re down to zero, wasn’t that easy? We are half way there. Now we need to create your first filtering system.

(This next step will really depend on how much email you receive daily. If you have 25-100 emails coming in daily, then I want you to take the last week of all your incoming mail and set up email filters to send those messages to trash or to archive them. Most spam is sent from the same senders over and over. When I say SPAM, I don’t just mean companies that annoy you. It can be crap mail that your buddy sends you throughout the day. How about the notorious forwards from people? Those forwards can be funny, but dangerous too. They harbor viruses and Trojans. Stay away from them.  I know this seems like a lot of work at first, but imagine how much time you be saving yourself when you don’t have to eliminate them daily.

Getting down to zero is a pretty big deal with people in the business world. To be more efficient, you have to know what’s important. Getting your inbox down to zero will help you feel a temporary relief that you have a handle on things.

Are we down to zero?

  1. Set up folders now for other topics. (Receipts, Bill reminders, Newsletters you like, Daily deal emails, etc.)
  2. Create filters for emails to go the folders you create
  3. Create sub folders under parent folders. (The goal is to not have hundreds of folders.)
  4. Unsubscribe to emails the minute you review them. You should never receive an email from that sender again unless you opt back in to their list.
  5. Set up white-lists (Allowed Senders) and blacklists (Denied Senders)

I hope you got some value from this post. Controlling your email inbox can be hard sometimes. Use these tips to regain control and help manage your email.  If you did share it with a friend.