Enlightened Brain activity Some information about Information Overload

There is no doubt that in today’s world we are being exposed to more information than ever before. Email, video games, social media, advertising, television, blogs, and news sites all want our full attention. We call this information overload.

Here are some staggering statistics by scientists from the University of San Diego, California. People are exposed to 100,500 words a day. This is the equivalent of 23 words a second. Can we even comprehend this much data? The brain processes much more than just words. Every time we look around, our brain is processing information. Information is abundant and plentiful and it is increasing everyday.

Roger Bohn, co-author of the study called How Much Information show’s studies conducted estimate that the total amount of words “consumed” in the United States has more than doubled from 4,500 trillion in 1980 to 10,845 trillion in 2008. The estimates do not include people simply talking to one another.  Robert Anton Wilson is the godfather of discussing the doubling of information. His works on information doubling are very true as well as very scary.

Total information consumption from televisions, computers and other media was estimated at 3.6 zettabytes (3.6 million gigabytes) in 2008.

Dr. Edward Hallowell the author of Crazy Busy and Delivering us from Distraction has written up words of 20 + books on the subject of Distraction and A.D.D.

Hallowell makes great points in his writing on how to deal with distraction and operate under such extreme conditions. I recommend checking out his books.