• Break the mold

    Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
    ~Steve Jobs

  • Seek out adventure

    Be bold and seek a life of adventure. Do something that challenges you daily.

  • It’s time for change

    Everyday you wake up doing the same thing. Dare to do something different. Think differently and you will see the world around you change.

  • How to be Happy

    Do you seek a better life? A life filled with Adventure and Knowledge, a life filled with mystery and excitement?


Formal and informal training in business tactics and owner operator business training and coaching

Nutrition and Fitness

Follow my journey as I get in shape and shift paradigms and show others how to lose the fat and get in shape.

Lifestyle Hacking

Learn the newest tips and tricks to hacking life and getting the most from your day and from your life.

Hire me

Hire Greg Mason as a private yoga instructor and business coach.

Information Overload

Some information about Information Overload There is no doubt that in today’s...

28th Dec
Enlightened Brain activity

Lessons from Old Spice Viral Marketing Advertisements

Make your marketing count, have fun with it and let it show what your company is all about.

31st Dec
old spice advertisement

Score an Expert Interview

In a previous article, I talked about how interviewing experts is one of the best and most leveraged ways to create high-quality, profitable content for your online business. You can use expert interviews to make products, drive traffic, or build your subscriber list. But the big question I always get asked is: “How do I [...]

27th Sep
Sign that says interview in progress

The Lifestyle of an Internet Entrepreneur

Ask successful internet entrepreneurs what it takes to create a successful business online, and the majority will say that it takes a great deal of hard work and perseverance to succeed. Earlier this year, I read Daniel Scocco’s post at Daily Blog Tips on the working methods of 12 top online entrepreneurs. A successful online [...]

24th Sep
Picture of Mark-Zuckerberg next to facebook sign