Old Spice ‘Man Your Man Could Smell Like’

Old Spice’s ‘Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ was one of the most popular memes of 2010, and his campaign was the most popular online video campaign of all time.  It all started with a Super Bowl commercial, which made its way to YouTube, then Twitter and won the hearts of women and men alike all over the world.

I personally don’t care for Old Spice, but I do give it up to their marketing department for coming up with a marketing plan, that was good enough to make people do several things.

  1. Remember the commercial
  2. Remember the name
  3. Create a buzz
  4. Make the audience love it so much they duplicated it

If you are in the marketing department and you aren’t driving the traffic to make the purchase, well then your “FIRED”. All joking set aside, few people understand how to successfully cut through the “noise” and get the message through to the recipient.  I can’t show you in just one post, so perhaps we will have a follow up to this topic.

Make your marketing count, have fun with it and let it show what your company is all about. When I owned my clothing label ” Old Soul Clothing” I made mistakes. The #1 mistake I made was not showing the world what the label really stood for. There is a lot of science in marketing and advertising. If you are a start up company, you will get eaten alive by the big dogs if you try to compete with them. If you come up with something catchy and it is meant to go “viral”, then it will. The harder you try to gain the acceptance of people the less you are likely to get it.