Yoga on the Rocks had an open house on November 2, 2013, showcasing a line up of talented instructors and different styles of yoga offered. Yoga on the Rocks is located inside Az on the Rocks rock climbing gym. Yoga on the Rocks is a small studio which can hold up to 20 people but rarely every gets that packed. Typical classes are 3-12 people. Sometimes you might get a 1 on 1. Greg Mason is one of the instructors at this studio. His classes are Basic Flow, Restorative, and Climbers Yoga, and Yin. You can click here to see the current schedule.


Here are some pictures of Greg Mason teaching Self Awakening Yoga to full house. The turn out for the Open house event was unanimous. People really wanted to do yoga and some wanted to do it all day. Self-Awakening yoga is soft gentle yoga that helps loosen and release stress from the body.

Here is a short description of Professor Don Stapleton’s book Self-Awakening Yoga.

After 30 years of extensive yoga training, an accident left artist and professor Don Stapleton with a severe spinal injury. Faced with this challenge, he drew on his knowledge of yoga to create exercises that allowed him to recover freedom of movement and unleash his spiritual and physical potential. More than a technique for health and fitness, _Self-Awakening Yoga_ draws on the roots of yoga as a creative learning process and an expansion of consciousness.